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CELLO, HGH - Mumbai 2016
CELLO, HGH - Mumbai 2016
CELLO, HGH - Mumbai 2016
CELLO, HGH - Mumbai 2016
CELLO, HGH - Mumbai 2016

With its various technological advancements, CELLO has spearheaded the modernization of the Indian plastic industry. CELLO is lauded as one the best in the world, and the largest manufacturer of plastic products in India, making it an undisputed leader in the country. The CELLO GROUP is a strong and trusted business conglomerate, that is always seeking perfection and its wide range of products speaks of lifestyle enhancement.

A product oriented, highly facilitated movement stall measuring 6m x 7m. was created for CELLO at the HGH, Mumbai 2016. It was an extensively lit stall, with due focus on branding. The structure was erected in a way that all the products could be given adequate space to be exhibited and the single colour usage for furniture was white in order to enhance the colourful products on display!

Optimum space utilization was done and 24 external niches were provided for each unique product type to be displayed. It was a simple and subtle design, yet managed to grab eyeballs.