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Horiba, SIAT, Pune, 2017
Horiba, SIAT, Pune, 2017
Horiba, SIAT, Pune, 2017
Horiba, SIAT, Pune, 2017

Horiba Automotive Test Systems is a leading company that holds a strong position in the emission measurement field with commendable experience and a wide range of technologies at hand. We have assisted Horiba with our efficient event management services from time to time.

For SIAT-2017, Team Black Pepper conceived and crafted an absolute designed stall, meeting Horiba’s branding requirements. Extensive brainstorming and strategic planning led us to create a stall which had all the requisite elements— focus on product orientation, brand identity and industry expertise.

The 3 sides open stall, measuring 4m by 20m was alluring, included a meeting room and storage room— designed effectively to facilitate easy movement and let the visitors have access to an adequately spacious area.

A platform displaying Horiba’s products was set-up near the aisle for maximum product exposure; capitalising on the stall’s location at the exhibition centre and its proximity to the gangway cross-section.

With a focus on product orientation, a video wall and digital graphics boards were placed at the centre of the stall and at the sides, respectively — displaying Horiba’s products from various divisions and other exhaustive information.

The colour scheme- a blend of white and blue was finalised keeping Horiba’s brand identity in mind and being industry specific. The white laminate flooring further enhanced the beauty of the stall and made it look elegant.

The Horiba stall received a positive response from the visitors and passer-by equally.

Team Black Pepper, while crafting and executing a stall, leaves no stone unturned and minute of details are paid attention to. With Black Pepper ‘what you see is what you get’.