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KEC International Ltd.


KEC International Limited is a global infrastructure Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) major having its presence in the verticals of Power Transmission, Power Systems, Cables, Railways, Telecom and Water. Our team has worked with KEC time and again and they’re one of our valued patrons who have complete faith in us and our working capacities.

For KEC, we erected a stall measuring 12m x 6m at the Switch Global, Vadodara 2016. A unique arrow concept was designed at the edges of the stall, inspired from the logo design, to facilitate branding as well as enhance the look and feel of the stall. For purposes of branding, huge exhaustive posters with extensive information pertaining to the company and its products were put up.

The stall was well lit, with highly visible 3D backlit logos and backlit posters, various edge lits for product displays and otherwise, backed by a meeting room, open discussion areas and a storage facility making the stall self-contained. The stall was subtle and spacious with a notable impact on the visitors!