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KRIZZ Chennai

KRIZZ, GJIIE, Chennai 2015
KRIZZ, GJIIE, Chennai 2015
KRIZZ, GJIIE, Chennai 2015

KRIZZ, a unit of Kanishk Gold Pvt. Ltd., has been a pioneer in designing, crafting and manufacturing in the jewellery industry for more than a decade. Uniqueness and quality being its signature standard, KRIZZ strives hard to raise the bar in the fashion jewellery by creating stunning master pieces. At GJIIE, Chennai 2015, we crafted a 6m x 12m. all open sided stall.

The stall had an entire veneer finishing. It was a beautiful showcase of variant up class jewellery of the company. The jewellery was put to display with high end lighting. The lighting was given top priority to beautify the presentation.

It had two meeting rooms with huge wallpapers and posters covering most of the walls. These customized posters promoted the various products that the company offers. The highly product oriented stall was a great success for all as the smartly placed lighting and the classic aroma made the showcase even more persuasive.