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Marposs, Intec, Coimbatore 2017
Marposs, Intec, Coimbatore 2017
Marposs, Intec, Coimbatore 2017
Marposs, Intec, Coimbatore 2017
Marposs, Intec, Coimbatore 2017

Marposs has been producing standard and custom systems for industrial applications to measure and control dimensions, geometries and surface quality of mechanical components and for control and monitoring of the machining process. Marposs engineers work with both end users and machine tool makers, from the development stage of a project through implementation and long-term service support.

At Intec-2017, Coimbatore, we crafted an elegant 2 side open stall for Marposs measuring 10 metre by 6 metre.

As per client requirement, the furniture in the stall was painted with duco paint which gave a smooth and sleek finish; it was in perfect blend with the colour theme (white) and flooring (white laminate) of the stall. All these elements enhanced the look and feel of the stall.

This was a product oriented stall and heavy branding was reflected throughout the stall. Lockable cupboards were used as display platform for products. Branding was strategically planned for this particular stall and tools were wisely selected.

Logos (4digital, acrylic) were perfect sync with the logo of the brand and sported a similar colour theme. Special emphasis was given on the main logo which was a back lit acrylic 3d logo. A plasma screen embedded into the wall displayed Marposs product line.

Reception counter was aesthetically designed had a glow logo board and held a fascia structure which connected with the other end of the stall.

Team Blackpepper, while crafting and executing a stall, leaves no stone unturned and minute of details are paid attention to. With Black Pepper ‘what you see is what you get’.