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Parle Foodtech

Parle, Foodtech, Mumbai
Parle, Foodtech, Mumbai
Parle, Foodtech, Mumbai
Parle, Foodtech, Mumbai
Parle, Foodtech, Mumbai
Parle Foodtech, Mumbai

With a competent workforce, unmatched service and manufacturing resources, Parle represents itself as a global pharmaceutical machine manufacturer in India. At Foodtech India, Mumbai 2015, we crafted a 16m x 5m. three sided open stall for them.

The event was a success with a huge crowd. The stall was product oriented with many sister companies of Parle partnered in it. All the partners with the main company had their products at display. It was a fine combo of the display products, posters denoting their features and the logos indicating the company names.

The color scheme was a blend of white and bright orange with white furniture. Apart from the meeting rooms and the lounge space, the commendable stall was a spacious showcase for the company and its sister concerns.