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Piramal, ESA - Berlin 2015
Piramal, ESA - Berlin 2015
Piramal, ESA - Berlin 2015
Piramal, ESA - Berlin 2015
Piramal, ESA - Berlin 2015

The Piramal Group is a diversified company with operations in more than 30 countries and brand-presence across many markets around the world. The Piramal Group has evolved from a textile-centric business to a diversified organization, which operates across sectors such as healthcare, life sciences, healthcare information management, real estate, etc.

Black Pepper erected a stall for Piramal at the ESA, Berlin - 2015 measuring 6m x 3.21m. The stall was designed strategically to make optimum use of the space available. The entire left wall was back printed glass with an embedded bottle shaped plasma screen which were displaying the company values. To adorn the stall a wall was designed which was made up of glass bottle (there product bottles) which were made backlit and well-lit glass flooring was made to enhance the look and feel.

The stall had a subtle appearance with an unknowing panache brought to it by the organised efforts of our team at Black Pepper.