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Piramal, Dahej, 2015
Piramal, Dahej, 2015
Piramal, Dahej, 2015

This particular event was organized by Team Black Pepper from scratch to finish, for the Piramal Critical Care division. It was one of the most challenging tasks to set up a dome with absolutely non-favourable weather conditions. It was a joint venture between Piramal and Navin Flourine International Ltd., whereby they had set up a manufacturing site at Dahej in unison. It was the inauguration ceremony of the two companies and the launch of their new logo. A fully air-conditioned dome was set up with the use of a German hanger measuring 80 x 50ft. and a barren land was adorned beautifully to look like a full-fledged factory! It was theme based set up whereby the décor and the atmosphere created, revealed about the friendship of Pirmal and Navin Flourine owners, who had extended their friendship to being business partners.

The entire themed set up reflected of images and stories about the years of friendship that has continued to become a business association. The stage, sound, lights, sitting arrangements, etc. everything exhaustively was looked after by the Black Pepper Team. It was quite a success, as the client requirements were taken care of to the fullest!