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Raheja Universal

Raheja Universal, IPS, Mumbai, 2011
Raheja Universal, IPS, Mumbai, 2011

Raheja Universal holds a renowned name in the real estate industry in the metropolitan city of Mumbai and has successfully executed projects across the country. They hold a reputed brand name with a trusted and qualified management. The stall we created for them was to be executed in Dubai for their upcoming water facing projects.

The three projects showcased were 'Raheja Exotica', 'Raheja Waterfront' and 'Raheja Chrysalis'. The Logo's for all the three projects were created by our business affiliate WITS Interactive. The stall we created was beautifully executed. The colour used for the stall was white. We displayed images of the three projects in a way that people would definitely set their eyes on it.

Raheja Exotica is a property in Marve, Mumbai which is sea facing. It denotes the high standard of living with luxury amenities. Raheja Waterfront is a property in Mangalore which is also sea facing with superior quality construction. And lastly Raheja Chrysalis is situated in south Goa which is an exquisite and beautiful sea facing property.

The features of this stall were amazing. We displayed 'lifescape images' which address the higher section of the society signifying elegance and lavishness. We made a curtain of water to flow beautifully beneath the lifescape images. A soft and subtle music was playing in the back ground. On the whole this stall was very well executed.

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