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Manroland, Print Pack, Noida, 2017
Manroland, Print Pack, Noida, 2017
Manroland, Print Pack, Noida, 2017
Manroland, Print Pack, Noida, 2017

Founded in 1871, Germany, ManrolandSheetfed GmbH is a leading global producer of sheetfed offset printing presses and related technologies for commercial, packaging and publishing applications.

As the chosen partner of many leading print houses around the world ManrolandSheetfed GmbH, continues to help ensure profitability and growth for its customers in these rapidly changing times with an array of innovative, cutting edge solutions and with service levels second to none.

Team Black Pepper crafted an alluring and majestic stall for Manroland at the 2017-Print Pack expo. The exquisite stall measured 10 metres by 10 metres and had extensive branding elements. The stall was phenomenal and one of its kind. The strategically designed stall had a combination of branding tools which were precise and apt— 3 plasma screens, 8 digital posters and a beautifully designed product display podium. Diffused lighting on the borders of posters and display podium enhanced the look of the stall making it more elegant.

This 3 side open stall contained a pantry, a meeting area and a reception counter at the aisle. An open discussion seating section at the stall was intelligently used to promote the brand. Barricade separating the open meeting section with others sported a multi-colour strip denoting Manroland’s expertise with print colours.

This stall’s USP were the reception desk and the circular shaped figurines which were inspired by the brand’s logo. The circular structures had front and back lit posters on display. The beautiful background structure installed at the reception desk was synonymous with the print industry and the significance of colours in the print industry.

In spite of fewer products on display, this stall successfully achieved its branding objectives.

If it’s Alluring! Magnificent!! Fantabulous!!! Then it has to be Black Pepper. Our quest for perfection motivates us to give in our best.