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Nitin Fire

Nitin Fire, Fire & Safety India,	Mumbai, 2017
Nitin Fire, Fire & Safety India,	Mumbai, 2017
Nitin Fire, Fire & Safety India,	Mumbai, 2017

Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd. has emerged one of the leading players of Fire Protection System in India with its existence in fire protection space since 29 years. A company with a diversified portfolio of fire protection systems, to protect the world with its range of approved products.

At Fire and Safety Expo-2017, Mumbai, we crafted a huge stall, connected by a mezzanine section for Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd.

The massive Nitin Fire stall measured 20m by 9m and the mezzanine floor measured 5m by 13m. It stood high at 4.5m and by default was easily visible from a distance.

The stall was specifically designed keeping in mind the product orientation and brand identity of Nitin Fire. The lower section of the stall included a reception area at the entrance and products from the main division of Nitin Fire were placed near the aisle on a red carpet for display.

Nitin Fire stall is a classic example of a product oriented stall—backlit posters on the front aisle and behind the reception cube, a video wall and two plasma screens displaying its complete range of products. With these resources in the stall, we efficaciously met client’s requirement.

The 2 side open stall was given a colour theme of red and white which was an extension of the brand’s identity. The approachable area at the entrance was designed to facilitate free and easy moment for visitors.

A staircase leading to the mezzanine section was placed

Entry to the mezzanine section was limited only for probable business (clients) visitors and a smartly placed staircase was provided for the same. The mezzanine section had comfortable sofa seating arrangement and a bar counter.

The highlight was the huge 8m wide 3d logo, which made it the most easily visible stall at the expo. The grandeur with which this stall was crafted is amazing and speaks of our expertise and dedication. With crafting of this stall, Team Black Pepper had set a new benchmark for others to follow.