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Proburst, IHFF, Mumbai, 2017
Proburst, IHFF, Mumbai, 2017
Proburst, IHFF, Mumbai, 2017
Proburst, IHFF, Mumbai, 2017

Proburst, from the house of Famcare, produces health supplements that are made with some of the best raw materials from around the world and manufactured with world class facilities. Proburst produces a wide range of health supplements for all age groups and for people from all walks of life.

At International Health, Sports and Fitness Festival (IHFF)-2017, Mumbai, Black Pepper along with CreateID8 crafted a branding oriented and audience engaging stall for Proburst. The stall measured 8 metre by 6.25 metre and 2 side open for better visitor accessibility. Owing to the positioning of the stall at the event (along the gangway crossway) the stall was designed to capitalise on gangway and hence, 2 side open. The colour theme of the stall was an extension of Proburst’s brand identity.

The stall being a product oriented and audience engaging, thorough research and planning went into the designing and strategising. Black Pepper and CreateID8 brought the concept of ‘healthy lifestyle, enriched life’ to reality via the exhibit. The booth was designed primarily to connect with the youth and show our strong inclination over the targeted category.

The Proburst stall had a combination of branding elements – digital prints, back lit 3d logo board, a huge product display wall and a video wall. The strategically crafted huge display wall showcased 27 categories of Proburst products and met client requirements. The stall comprised a small sitting area, one bar counter, one takeaway counter and a reception/billing counter. Apart from these the Proburst stall had audience engaging activity zones which were the USP of this stall. 

Highlighting Specific Elements:  (Booth Design USP—Booth Design Significance)

  • Agility, Endurance and vigour- aspects denoting fitness and training were incorporated in the booth designs.
  • A basket-ball court was set up on the corner of the booth to engage visitors.

Why a basket-ball court? We wanted to highlight sports and athletic activities as an essential aspect of routine life

Space constraint for the booth, came as a blessing in disguise for us and our team brainstormed on options available.

A sport which involved both, muscle power as well as athletic functionality- basket-ball court turned out to be the most interesting part of the booth. 

  • By incorporating the running track in the booth design which made it look alluring.
  • Designing it near the product display conveyed the message, “Adding Proburst Protein in the diet helps the consumer to complete the routine with ease, boosting up stamina level."
  • Selfie Zone designed for the audiences to click selfie with brand ambassadors Mr. Rannvijay Singh and Mr. Yogeshwar Dutt

Activity Area: Spin Board

The Spin board was designed to engage audiences with contests and competitions. Many who visited the booth walked away with Proburst goodies.

We are humbled by the positive response we received at the exhibition, but acknowledgement of our impeccable event conceptualisation by our client, was the icing on the cake.