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Ronak Optik

Ronak Optik, IIOO, Hyderabad, 2017
Ronak Optik, IIOO, Hyderabad, 2017
Ronak Optik, IIOO, Hyderabad, 2017
Ronak Optik, IIOO, Hyderabad, 2017

Ronak Optik India Pvt. Ltd. deals in an extensive range of quality control and dedicated products known for its quality in the market. It works with a wide array of the most sought after international eyewear brands in the world. Over the years it has established itself and is considered to be one of the leading eyewear distributors in the country.

The stall crafted for Ronak Optik, at the IIOO-2017, Hyderabad expo was a fine example of exemplary designing and a classic piece of craftsmanship.

As per the client’s requirements, an elegant and alluring design was conceived and developed by Team Black Pepper. The intrinsic elements of branding were also incorporated into the design.

Crafting a stall on the mezzanine floor is a challenge to any production team, but we at Black Pepper dearth for challenges; as it compels one to perform better and raise a notch higher from previous set benchmarks.

The mezzanine stall was designed keeping in mind the B2B clientage and visitors from industry. It was a one side open stall, measuring 4m by 17m and was adorned with suitably placed seating arrangements to facilitate open discussions. A pantry with sufficient storage room was also provided within the stall, yet there was sufficient space for visitors to move around comfortably— We take immense pride in the work we do!

Capitalizing on the stall location and increase stall visibility Trans lite posters were installed on the sides visible to the visitors on the lower ground section. To add eloquence, the stall was laid with grey carpet flooring which was in perfect blend with the colour of the stall i.e. black, giving the stall a plush and chic look.

Optimum space utilisation was done with due importance given to branding, whereby the logos were backlit. The visibility of the products was ensured and it reflected an elegant look and feel.

We were humbled by the positive response we saw at the Ronak Optik stall, but the acknowledgement of our flawless execution by our client was the icing on the cake.