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Shinto Corporation

Shinto Corporation, Delhiwood Expo 2017
Shinto Corporation, Delhiwood Expo 2017
Shinto Corporation, Delhiwood Expo 2017
Shinto Corporation, Delhiwood Expo 2017

Shinto Corporation is a wholesale supplier, exporter and manufacturer of paper products, industrial paper products, cones, conical bolt box, paper product used in various industries, paper, packaging, textiles, related industries, paper cores, and paper tubes.

At Delhiwood Expo-2017, we crafted a unique product oriented stall for Shinto. This unique stall was one of a kind, for self-standing fascia structures were utilised for branding and also made into semi-closed sitting rooms. The stall measured 10 metre by 5 metre and sported beige carpet flooring. White colour was the preferred choice for this stall- gave the stall an elegant look.

Shinto’s partner companies- Senlong and Yuanfong were actively promoted at the stall. Thanks to the designers for crafting such an innovative stall design; the structure covered very less space in ratio of the whole stall area. The 3 side open stall was spacious and offered better visitor movement inside the stall.

Reception area was placed deep inside the stall and not on the aisle, as per client requirement. This was a strategic move as visitors will be required to enter the stall and make queries thus, increasing footfall at the stall.

Wall behind the reception desk was creatively used for branding Shinto’s product line (paper laminate prints). Apart from this a combination of back and front lit posters, digital sun board prints and a plasma screen used for branding.

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